Report Cards

Report Card Tips & Expectations
  • There must be an indicator for all knowledge and skill areas. For areas where you do not yet have enough information, please mark with a “U” for “unable to assess”. This usually happens only in the first semester.

  • Indicate the level of reading for each student in terms of grade level. Ex. below, at, above grade-level. Please do not share the F&P reading level.

  • If students are on an IPP, the tickbox in the comments section needs to checked. The subject areas that are affected by the IPP must also be indicated by checking the tickbox in the area where indicators are inputted.

  • There should be a comment that explains any/all “beginning” indicators.

  • Keep comments short and to the point using clear language.

  • Comments must be completed for both the Citizenship and Social Responsibility and the subject area sections. 

  • Keep comments related to student achievement and make them as individual as possible. Do not use the comment section to outline the units and assignments that have been done in class.

  • Teachers of Complementary Courses - Please change the name of the course to the actual name (Ex. Foods, not CTF16). This is done when you click on the class and see “Edit Class Content” on the top right.